Bulk Trash Collection


The Borough Offers Monthly Bulk Trash Collection Services

 Bulk trash is picked up the last Thursday of each month from January until October.


During November, the pickup date will be the last Wednesday of the month.  There will be no bulk trash pickup in December.

Q. What is “bulk trash”?

A. Bulk trash consists of such items as appliances and furniture. Tree branches, wood and metal must be bundled in no more than 3′ lengths. Lawn mower tires and bike tires must be removed by the owner. No construction material will be picked up by the Borough.

Q. Is there a fee for bulk trash pickup?

A. Only for certain items. You will need to come to Borough Hall, 112 Ford Street, to pay the fee and receive a sticker. The fees are:

Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners – $10.00 each item

Tires – $4.00 each

Are your tenants moving out? Are you selling your house? We ask that you contract with a firm for a dumpster. We do not have the resources to clean out an entire house or apartment.